What type of work do Finaccord consultants carry out?

The main services provided by Finaccord are research publications and consultancy.

Research publications are released in the thematic areas listed on Finaccord's home page and are typically produced across multiple countries. Many are updated on a rolling basis while others are developed as brand new products. Thus, much of the work undertaken by Finaccord consultants is in this area and it typically involves the following processes:

  • managing researchers with appropriate language skills to gather information about target markets;
  • building or updating a database of results;
  • producing a written and graphical analysis of those results;
  • and double-checking that the final output is 'client ready'.

Consultancy assignments are typically related to published research. Such assignments often arise when a client requests alternative details to those available through a research study that it has already bought or coverage of a particular topic in a country that Finaccord has not yet investigated for a research publication. Examples of consultancy assignments carried out by Finaccord can be seen here.

For both research publications and consultancy, the majority of work is carried out from Finaccord's offices in London.

While consultants joining Finaccord will normally spend their first few months with the company working on research publications and consultancy across a wide variety of different topics, it is typically the case that they subsequently specialise in order to build up expertise in a particular field. Often, this expertise then gives rise to opportunities to speak at related events around the world such as those listed here.

To find out more about the type of work undertaken by Finaccord consultants, please contact


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