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Affinity and Partnership Marketing: UK


Welcome to the home page for Finaccord's UK Affinity and Partnership Marketing practice. Finaccord's first ever studies (published in January 2003) were about affinity and partnership marketing in UK financial services and we have been updating and expanding them ever since. The difference between Finaccord's proposition and that of other research providers was and remains its comprehensiveness; in addition to an analytical report, a PartnerBASE™ dataset or equivalent table is included as a fundamental element of the product and this lists all known actual and potential distributors of the financial products in question, showing whether they are active in each field and, if so, with which partner organisation(s) they work. For further information about each study, please click through to the relevant page where you will find more detailed product descriptions plus the series prospectus and tables of contents. To purchase one or more of these, please e-mail Finaccord at  or click on the links either here or here to access the online order forms for these titles. Note also that relevant UK-specific consumer research is provided by a separate practice: Consumer Intelligence.


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