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Welcome to the home page for Finaccord's Automotive Financial Services practice. Currently, Finaccord publishes market research reports and associated databases about two fields in this area, namely consumer automotive financial services and fleet insurance and assistance.

Coverage of consumer automotive financial services concentrates on the distribution by car dealerships and manufacturer brands (i.e. the automotive trade) of financial services linked to sales of new and used passenger cars to individual buyers. These always include finance and leasing services, creditor insurance, motor insurance, road assistance and extended warranties and, depending upon the country in question, can also comprise GAP insurance, prepaid service contracts and other niche insurance and protection products (e.g. scratch / dent and tyre insurance). The studies in this area, which are all based on original surveys of the automotive trade, offer unique and detailed data concerning the value of these markets for consumer automotive financial services plus information about the partnerships between financial services providers and both car dealerships and manufacturer brands. To see a full list of products currently available in this field, please click here.

Research about fleet insurance and assistance focuses on the market for and distribution of policies covering motor insurance, road assistance and GAP insurance for fleet vehicles. Once again providing unique data about market values and partnerships, the reports in this field differentiate between insurance and assistance for types of passenger car fleets (e.g. car hire firms, driving schools, the motor trade, operating lease fleets, and taxi and private hire firms) and commercial vehicle fleets (e.g. couriers and postal services, the motor trade, operating lease fleets, own account haulage, removal firms, road haulage, and van and lorry hire firms). For a full list of products currently available in this field, please click here.


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