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Bancassurance: Life, Non-Life and Creditor Insurance

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Finaccord's current products about bancassurance are as listed below, segmenting between multi-country and country-specific reports and associated databases. Note that country-specific reports segment between those about bancassurance as a whole and those specifically about creditor (and lifestyle / bill protection) insurance. For further information about each study, please click through to the relevant page where you will find more detailed product descriptions plus report or series prospectuses and tables of contents. To purchase one or more of these, please e-mail Finaccord at or click on the link here to access the online order form for these titles.

Multi-country reports

Country-specific reports - bancassurance

Country-specific reports - creditor and lifestyle protection insurance (i.e. also including bill protection insurance)

Country-specific reports - creditor insurance (i.e. not including bill protection insurance)


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