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Welcome to the home page for Finaccord's Consumer Intelligence practice. Currently, Finaccord carries out two main types of consumer research: international reports (covering France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and, for some products, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Poland and / or the US); and UK-specific reports.

International reports are available either as multi-country studies (covering five, six or eight countries together) or as single country studies. Typically, these are developed to cover topics that Finaccord investigates elsewhere in its market research reports and for which robust data describing consumer behaviour is not otherwise available. Subjects currently covered are as follows: online aggregation of insurance; card protection insurance; creditor (payment protection) insurance; extended warranties for white, brown and grey goods; home emergency insurance and assistance; life protection insurance; mobile phone insurance; pet insurance; and travel insurance and assistance. Consumer metrics quantified in these studies can include take-up rates among the relevant audience, distribution channels and interfaces used to acquire policies, risks covered by policies acquired, and the frequency with which consumers use their policies to file a claim or call for assistance. To see a full list of products currently available in this field, please click here.

UK-specific reports have been developed to provide detailed coverage of the behaviour of consumers in the UK in relation to a broad variety of topics. These include: usage of distribution channels and interfaces to acquire financial services; attitudes to and usage of assistance services; attitudes towards alternative distribution partners in financial services; attitudes to and usage of payment means; and propensity to acquire niche insurance, assistance and warranty products. To see a full list of products currently available in this field, please click here.



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