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Insurance and Assistance linked to Payment Cards and Bank Accounts

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Welcome to the home page for Finaccord's Insurance and Assistance linked to Payment Cards and Bank Accounts practice. Finaccord currently publishes two types of study in this field, namely market research reports (and their associated databases) and consumer research.

Finaccord's market research reports and associated databases in this field comprise a broad range of multi-country and country-specific studies about the market for insurance and assistance linked to payment cards and bank accounts. Drawing on the results of exhaustive investigations covering all consumer payment card and bank account products advertised by banking institutions and specialised card providers, the studies analyse and value the provision of a variety of different types of insurance and assistance policy in the following broad categories of cover: accident and health; creditor; personal and identity protection; shopping; travel; and other. Distinct types of cover investigated include card protection insurance, credit card payment protection insurance, identity protection insurance / assistance, purchase protection insurance and road assistance, plus different types of travel insurance and assistance. In addition, concierge services are also included as a category in their own right. The PartnerBASE™ datasets that accompany the reports log each insurance or assistance enhancement for each payment card and bank account product analysed, thereby meaning that the workings of this market are visible in great detail. To see a full list of products currently available in this field, please click here.

Finaccord's Card Protection Metrics consumer research reports offer insights into the behaviour of consumers in the context of card protection insurance in six European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK. Specifically, they provide valuable data describing the extent to which consumers with debit and / or credit cards take out card protection insurance. In addition to calculating the percentage of cardholders that have acquired card protection insurance, the studies also analyse the types of policy that they hold (e.g. insurance that they are paying for separately or free cover), the range of benefits that they believe that they derive from their insurance, and the distribution channels and interfaces that they use to take out paid-for card protection insurance. They also explore the degree to and frequency with which insured cardholders make use of their policies to actually file a claim or request assistance. For a full list of products currently available in this field, please click here. Other international consumer research series that are relevant to this practice include Creditor Metrics, Home Assistance Metrics, Mobile Metrics, Travel Metrics and Warranty Metrics. For further information about these, please click here.


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