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Welcome to the home page for Finaccord's Road Assistance practice. Finaccord publishes market research reports and associated databases about road assistance – sometimes referred to as breakdown recovery insurance – in countries in which this type of assistance amounts to a sizeable market. These studies are based on primary surveys of all significant actual and potential distributors of road assistance including automotive clubs, motor insurance brands, car manufacturer brands and independent warranty providers. For each of these organisations, the research establishes whether they offer road assistance in any format or not and, if they do, the partner assistance firms with which they work if they do not report managing the service themselves on an internal basis. Other road assistance distribution channels investigated include direct sales, bundled cover with payment cards and bank accounts, and online aggregators and brokers.

In order to establish the size, segmentation and probable future growth of each market, Finaccord has constructed a model that incorporates the number of road assistance policies in force in each country split by distribution channel. This also takes into consideration the average price of a road assistance policy according to whether it is sold on a retail or wholesale basis, and incorporates results from Finaccord's parallel research into consumer automotive financial services. Moreover, the likely market shares of leading providers of road assistance in each country are calculated through a combination of public domain sources (e.g. the number of members of automotive clubs) and analysis based on the number and importance of partnerships held by providers of road assistance with the main distribution channels, namely motor insurance brands, car manufacturer brands and independent warranty providers, as outlined above.

For further information about each study, please click through to the relevant page where you will find more detailed product descriptions plus the series prospectus and tables of contents. To purchase one or more of these, please e-mail Finaccord at or click on the link here to access the online order form for these titles.

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