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Welcome to the home page for Finaccord's Small Business Insurance practice. While currently a small practice, this will expand in the coming months in two main areas, building further on the country reports listed below: research covering affinity and partnership marketing schemes for commercial non-life insurance; and research focused on sizing, forecasting and segmenting small business insurance markets.

Research into affinity and partnership marketing schemes for commercial non-life insurance is based on primary surveys of actual and potential partners across eight categories, most notably professional and trade associations (which constitute the principal focus and that are most numerous within the overall sample), plus banking institutions and specialised lenders, lifestyle organisations, online aggregators and brokers, sports organisations, trade unions, and others. Moreover, the analysis of partnerships is taken to an unprecedented level of depth by splitting out partnerships for five distinct insurance lines: commercial liability; commercial motor; commercial property; commercial specialised (e.g. event cancellation, legal expenses, trade credit); and professional indemnity.

Meanwhile, research that sizes, forecasts and segments small business insurance markets has been created because insurance providers usually conceive, develop and promote insurance policies for the small business market with particular professions and trades in mind rather than by the generic categories of commercial motor insurance, commercial property insurance, general liability insurance, pecuniary loss insurance and so on. However, market data issued by official industry bodies and other published research sources is focused purely on those generic categories rather than the underlying professions and trades, hence Finaccord has sought to develop a product that more effectively meets the marketing needs of insurance providers in this arena by analysing the market by profession and trade.

For further information about each study, please click through to the relevant page where you will find more detailed product descriptions plus the series prospectus and tables of contents. To purchase one or more of these, please e-mail Finaccord at or click on the link here to access the online order form for these titles.

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