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Welcome to the home page for Finaccord's Travel Insurance and Assistance practice. Finaccord currently publishes two types of study in this field, namely market research reports (and their associated databases) and consumer research. In addition, various forms of travel policy are also covered by a separate practice: Insurance and Assistance linked to Payment Cards and Bank Accounts.

Finaccord's market research reports and associated databases about travel insurance and assistance comprise a broad range of multi-country and country-specific studies about the market for stand-alone travel insurance and assistance. For all countries covered, five years of historical data is provided for the number of overseas trips split by purpose (i.e. holiday / leisure or business) and by destination, for the value of the market for travel cover measured in gross written premiums, and for the number of travel insurance policies in force segmented between annual policies and single-trip policies. Forecasts are also provided for each of these data series. In addition, and based on a representative, primary survey of major travel trade entities, transportation companies and financial institutions, the leading providers of travel insurance and assistance are identified, and the importance of other distribution channels (automotive clubs, direct distribution by insurance underwriters, online aggregators and brokers, automatic packaging with payment cards or bank accounts, retailers etc.) is also commented upon. To see a full list of products currently available in this field, please click here.

Finaccord's Travel Metrics consumer research reports offer insights into the behaviour of consumers in the context of travel insurance and assistance in six European countries: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK. Specifically, the research quantifies the proportion of consumers in each country who travel and the proportion of travellers that buy travel insurance, segmented by age and income. It also investigates the types of policy that they buy (annual policies, single-trip policies or packaged policies, e.g. with a travel ticket or a payment card), the risks covered and assistance services provided by their policy, the distribution channels and interfaces that they use to take out travel insurance, and whether they bought a policy before booking their travel, at the same time, or afterwards. Furthermore, it reports the reasons why uninsured travellers did not buy travel insurance. Finally, these reports analyse claims frequency for travel insurance, including data for the types of claim and for acceptance rates, and rank major providers of insurance and assistance by the frequency with which they are identified by consumers as the provider of their policy. For a full list of products currently available in this field, please click here.


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