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Recent months have seen Finaccord undertake a varied range of consulting engagements on behalf of client organisations. Many of these have approached us having recognised the integrity and value of our published work. Indeed, Finaccord's international coverage of hard-to-research topics in financial services means that it is increasingly being used for complex, multi-country assignments.

Some examples of recent projects are as follows:

  • UK professional association audit and validation - on behalf of a commercial lines insurer, Finaccord carried out research covering over 70 professional associations in the UK to ascertain their interest in developing schemes for professional indemnity and other forms of insurance;
  • mobile telephone insurance in Europe - on behalf of an insurance broker, we undertook an investigation into the attitudes towards and provision of branded mobile telephone insurance on the part of major mobile network operators in Europe;
  • global consumer insurance markets - working for a major international financial services company, Finaccord sized and segmented consumer insurance markets in a standardized format in Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain and the UK;
  • affinities and partnerships in UK financial services - recognising Finaccord's unrivalled knowledge of the subject, a major financial services institution instructed Finaccord to develop a unique model sizing and segmenting the UK affinity and partnership marketing sector for 20 different financial products;
  • creditor insurance in China, India, South Korea and Taiwan - following on from Finaccord's ground-breaking research on the subject in Europe, an insurance firm requested similar research and analysis, on a bespoke basis, for these four Asia-Pacific markets;
  • international niche insurance, warranty and assistance markets - in rapid time, Finaccord helped a global assistance company to understand the worldwide outlook in a series of niche markets including extended warranties for cars, expatriate and student health insurance, and home emergency insurance;
  • trends in general insurance distribution in the UK - with distribution channels for non-life insurance continuing to evolve in the UK, a prominent insurance broker asked us to carry out a quick-fire strategic review of the sector;
  • automotive manufacturer motor insurance programs in Europe - having appreciated Finaccord's work on automotive financial services in Europe, a Japan-based insurance firm requested in-depth research into automotive manufacturer motor insurance in three countries - Germany, Sweden and the UK.

In the light of this experience, if you have a consultancy need that you believe that Finaccord may be able to help with then please submit your enquiry to or telephone: +44 20 3178 2556.


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