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Affinity and Partnership Marketing in UK Legal Services

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In a market that is evolving rapidly in part as a consequence of the growth in number of alternative business structures (ABSs), Affinity and Partnership Marketing in UK Legal Services is a study of distribution relationships in place for legal services in the UK. It is based on a survey of 1,700 actual and potential partner organisations across 19 sub-categories which can themselves be grouped into three broad categories, namely: not-for-profit affinity partners; financial partners; and commercial partners.

The analysis of partnerships in legal services in this report has been taken to an unprecedented level of depth by splitting out relationships for five distinct types of service: legal helplines / assistance (including helplines embedded in legal protection policies and online legal document services); commercial legal services; conveyancing; will writing; and other consumer legal services (including services related to crime, employment, family law, immigration, personal injury, probate and trusts).

The PartnerBASE™ database that accompanies the report details more than 850 initiatives for legal services identified by Finaccord, recording the operating models and providers used in each instance by over 500 partner entities found to be involved in this arena, equivalent to over 30% of the total number of organisations researched. Together, the report and database will provide you with the definitive guide to current and future opportunities in affinity and partnership marketing of legal services in the UK.

Key features of this study include:

- a comprehensive overview of the types of legal service offered by the 1,700 partner organisations investigated by the research;

- segmentation of results by type of legal service with separate analyses for legal helplines / assistance, commercial legal services, conveyancing, will writing or other consumer legal services;

- coverage of close to 250 legal services firms and other providers involved in affinity and partnership marketing;

- availability of an accompanying PartnerBASE™ dataset which allows you to search the results of the research in a variety of ways including by partner organisation, by type of legal service and by legal services provider;

- consumer research results which highlight the proportion of consumers that acquire legal services in any given year, the types of legal service that they use and the distribution interfaces and channels that they employ to acquire them.

For further information about this research, please access the table of contents and report prospectus by clicking on the links at the top of this page, or e-mail .


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