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Commercial Non-Life Insurance Brokers in Canada

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Commercial Non-Life Insurance Brokers in Canada, plus the BrokerBASE™ and market data file that accompany it, investigate the importance of brokers in the distribution of property and casualty insurance for businesses in Canada. This report first provides unique data for the size, segmentation and growth of the Canadian commercial non-life insurance market itself. It then quantifies the share of this market that is intermediated by brokers and, based on extensive primary research, it ranks the leading 50 brokers in Canada according to their revenues from commercial property and casualty insurance, excluding income from other activities such as personal lines and employee benefits.

This report provides unique data in the following areas:

- the value of commercial non-life insurance markets for 2010 to 2014;

- the share of this market distributed by brokers in 2010 and 2014;

- the revenues generated by commercial property and casualty insurance business for brokers in 2010 and 2014;

- the concentration of the market for commercial non-life insurance broking;

- forecasts for 2018 for the value of commercial property and casualty insurance premiums, brokers' share of this market and their revenues from commercial non-life insurance business.

Moreover, the report and the BrokerBASE™ that accompanies it can be used in one or more of the following ways:

- to quantify the size and dynamism of the broker market for commercial property and casualty insurance in Canada;

- to utilise a single comprehensive source of information that uses a uniform methodology to size the underlying commercial non-life insurance market and to quantify brokers’ share of distribution;

- to assess a range of potential business opportunities: from selecting targets for acquisition to niche product development and ideas for distribution partnerships;

- to understand the competitive landscape in Canada through its market concentration, the importance of international brokers, and brokers' distribution strategies;

- to identify the leading brokers in Canada, with coverage of competitors such as Aon, HUB International, Marsh, Noraxis and Western Financial Group.

For further information about this research, please access the table of contents and series prospectus by clicking on the links at the top of this page, or e-mail .  

Equivalent foreign language titles:
Les Courtiers d'Assurance Dommages des Entreprises au Canada
Makler für Firmenversicherungen (Segment Schadenversicherungen) in Kanada
Brokers di assicurazione aziendale non-vita in Canada
Corretores de Seguros Não Vida Comerciais no Canadá
Corredores de Seguros Comerciales No Vida en Canadá

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