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Home Emergency Insurance and Assistance in the UK

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Home Emergency Insurance and Assistance in the UK is a report plus an associated PartnerBASE™ dataset and market data file about the market for this type of cover in the UK. In essence, the term ‘home emergency insurance and assistance’ encompasses policies that are sold on a stand-alone basis, or bundled with utility services, household insurance or banking products, that cover one or more of the following home-related problems:

- malfunctioning of gas boilers, gas supply pipes or gas central heating;
- problems with plumbing, drainage or water supply pipes;
- electrical emergencies or breakdowns.

Key features of this report include:

- quantification of the market size for home emergency insurance and assistance in the UK: how much is the market worth, how does it break down by policy type, and how is it likely to have grown by 2017?

- identification of providers of home emergency insurance and assistance that have established relationships with energy firms, water companies and household insurers and calculation of their share of partnerships in both unweighted and weighted terms;

- analysis of the degree to which home emergency cover is provided automatically or cross-sold as an optional extra - this can have a very significant impact on household penetration rates and market values in any given country, including the UK;

- assessment of the potential for marketing home emergency insurance and assistance through alternative channels including online aggregators and brokers, other online brands and banking products as well as gas boiler manufacturers, direct sales and automotive clubs.

Types of organisation that may be able to use this report, plus the PartnerBASE™ dataset and market data file that accompanies it, include entities in the following categories:

- assistance companies: this study constitutes a unique guide to an under-researched yet significant and continually evolving market - be fully appraised of what growth could mean for your organisation;

- insurance companies: as a concept that can be made distinct from regular household insurance, home emergency insurance and assistance can either be sold stand-alone or packaged within household insurance policies;

- electricity, gas and water companies: growth in the market for home emergency cover, allied to apparently high profit margins, presents a revenue enhancement opportunity for electricity, gas and water companies as well as insurance and assistance firms;

- management consultancies: are you helping an insurance or assistance provider to develop its business in the UK, or are you advising an energy or water firm with regards to how it can improve its profitability? If so, this research will provide you with important insights into the market for home emergency insurance and assistance.

For further information about this research, please access the table of contents and report prospectus by clicking on the links at the top of this page, or e-mail .

Equivalent foreign language titles:
L'Assurance et l'Assistance d'Urgence à l'Habitat au Royaume-Uni
Schutzbrief- und Assistance-Leistungen für Haus und Wohnung in Großbritannien
Assistenza ed Assicurazione per Emergenza Casa nel Regno Unito
Assistência Residencial no Reino Unido
Asistencia de Hogar en el Reino Unido

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