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Professional Indemnity Insurance in Italy

Price options: i) full report - £995; ii) sections about number, growth in number and segmentation of insurable enterprises, market value, growth and segmentation, and market value forecast (including market data annexe) - £395; iii) sections about affinity schemes with professional / trade associations and other distribution channels (including PartnerBASE™ dataset) - £395; iv) section about underwriter utilisation and market shares - £395... note that the three 'section-specific' options are subsets of the full report

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Professional Indemnity Insurance in Italy is a report about the Italian market for and distribution of policies covering professional liability. For 2011, 2015 and with a forecast for 2019, the study breaks down the market for professional indemnity insurance on a standardised basis by professional group with 13 categories considered as follows:

  • accountancy and finance;
  • architecture;
  • D&B (design and build);
  • engineering;
  • estate agency;
  • financial and insurance intermediation;
  • healthcare-related services;
  • IT and business consulting;
  • legal services;
  • media and marketing;
  • medicine and dentistry;
  • surveying;
  • other professional sectors.

In particular, the report quantifies the number, growth in number and segmentation of insurable enterprises in Italy from 2011 to 2015 plus the value, growth and segmentation of the market for professional indemnity insurance over the same time frame and with a forecast to 2019. These segmentations are provided not only for each of the 13 aforementioned professional categories but also by annual fee income or turnover band in order to show the potential and actual market value in Italy attributable to the largest and smallest professional enterprises.

In addition, three further segmentations of the market value in 2015 are also given: between business dealt with by domestic underwriters and that placed with non-domestic underwriters; between new business and renewals; and between primary layer and excess layer business.

Moreover, on the basis of a survey of leading brokers of professional indemnity cover in Italy, the report identifies the underwriters of this type of insurance that are used most frequently and provides estimates for the market shares by premium income of leading underwriters in 2015 for all forms of professional indemnity cover combined expressed as a percentage range (e.g. 5.0% to 7.5%).

Finally, the study identifies affinity schemes for professional indemnity insurance in Italy up between professional / trade associations with a nationwide remit and brokers or underwriters of this type of cover (based on a survey of 105 such associations), highlights other distribution channels used to sell this form of insurance (e.g. brokers, direct sales, online aggregators, other affinity partners) and discusses key issues associated with the market.

For further information about this research, please access the table of contents and series prospectus by clicking on the links at the top of this page, or e-mail 

Equivalent foreign language titles:
L'Assurance Responsabilité Civile Professionnelle en Italie
Die Berufshaftpflichtversicherung in Italien
Assicurazione Responabilità Civile Professionale in Italia
Seguros de Responsabilidade Civil Profissional na Itália
Seguros de Responsabilidad Civil Profesional en Italia

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