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Retailer Payments, Banking, Insurance and Assistance in Brazil

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Retailer Payments, Banking, Insurance and Assistance in Brazil investigates the market for financial services organised by over 200 major retail brands in Brazil. As well as examining their initiatives in payment cards, banking products, insurance and assistance, the study also examines their involvement in proprietary and coalition loyalty programs, and details the online payment mechanisms accepted by those with an online sales capability. Among other data points, the report and PartnerBASE™ dataset that accompanies it embrace the following information about the retailers covered:

- whether they offer their own credit, debit or prepaid cards and, if so, the card issuers that they work with in this context if they do not issue the cards themselves;

- whether they are linked to one or more loyalty programs and, if so, whether these are proprietary or coalition schemes;

- whether they make non-card point-of-sale finance available to their customers and, if so, the finance providers that they employ for this purpose;

- whether they promote mainstream banking products such as general-purpose personal loans, mortgages and savings accounts and, if so, the partners that they co-operate with;

- whether they distribute accident, dental, health, household, life, motor, pet or travel insurance, or any kind of assistance services and, if so, the insurance or assistance providers used;

- for retail brands with an online sales capability, the payment means and providers that they accept for online purchases with consideration of payment cards, online accounts, mobile payments, bank transfers and other online payment options.

The report and PartnerBASE™ dataset can be used in the following ways:

- to gain access to a comprehensive source of information that provides detailed insights into the involvement of major retail brands in Brazil in payments, banking, insurance and assistance;

- to monitor the activity of key competitors in retailer financial services including Bcash, Bradescard, Cetelem, Itaú and Midway Financeira;

- to understand the potential in Brazil for converting proprietary retailer loyalty cards and coalition loyalty schemes into fully-fledged payment cards;

- to evaluate the extent to which consolidation among conventional banks is opening up opportunities for new retailer banks to emerge as ‘consumer champions';

- to appreciate the range of online payment choices open to consumers in Brazil who buy products and services through the websites of major retail groups.

For further information about this research, please access the table of contents and series prospectus by clicking on the links at the top of this page, or e-mail .

Equivalent foreign language titles:
Le rôle des supermarchés et d'autres détaillants dans l'assurance, l'assistance, les paiements et les services bancaires au Brésil
Einzelhandel: Zahlungswege, Bankdienstleistungen, Versicherungen und Assistanceleistungen in Brasilien
Servizi di pagamento, bancari, assicurativi e di assistenza nei settori della grande distribuzione e vendita al dettaglio in Brasile
Serviços de Pagamento, Negócio Bancário, Seguro e Assistência nos Setores da Grande Distribuição e Venda Varejista no Brasil
Servicios de Pago, Banca, Seguro y Asistencia en los Sectores de Grande Distribución y Venta al Por Menor en Brasil

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