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Road Assistance in Brazil

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Road Assistance in Brazil is a report about the market for prepaid assistance – sometimes referred to as breakdown recovery insurance – acquired by individual consumers owning passenger cars in Brazil. The research is based on a primary survey of over 70 actual and potential distributors of road assistance in Brazil including automotive clubs, motor insurance brands, car manufacturer brands and independent warranty providers. For each of these organisations, it establishes whether they offer roadside assistance in any format or not and, if they do, the partner assistance firms with which they work if they do not report managing the service themselves on an internal basis.

Having presented the provision rates for road assistance across these main categories of distributor, the study then compares the operating models that they use, shows which providers of road assistance hold the most partnerships in each category and comments upon the importance of other distribution options including online aggregators and packaging with banking products. Moreover, it quantifies the value of the market for road assistance acquired by individual consumers in Brazil in 2017 plus the volume of policies in force at year end (both segmented by distribution channel), presents the likely market share by revenues of the leading competitors, and provides forecasts for the value of the market up to 2021.

This report, plus the PartnerBASE™ dataset and market data file that accompany it, can be used in one or more of the following ways:

- to evaluate the size, segmentation and future prospects of the market for roadside assistance for individual consumers in Brazil;

- to appreciate the overall penetration rate for road assistance across passenger cars driven by individual consumers in Brazil and the contribution made to this of direct sales by automotive clubs and assistance firms, cover embedded in motor insurance, cover embedded in car manufacturer factory warranties, cover embedded in annual servicing / extended warranties / prepaid maintenance contracts, and cover packaged with payment cards and bank accounts;

- to gain access to a single comprehensive source of information detailing partnerships between providers and distributors of prepaid roadside assistance in Brazil, and the extent to which these are drivers of the market share of revenues of the leading competitors

- to understand the competitive position of national automotive clubs (e.g. Automóvel Clube Brasileiro), international assistance providers and challenger assistance firms, plus the potential for new distribution models, such as on-demand road assistance apps, to disrupt the market.

For further information about this research, please access the table of contents and series prospectus by clicking on the links at the top of this page, or e-mail

Equivalent foreign language titles:
Assistance Auto au Brésil
Pannenhilfe in Brasilien
Assistenza stradale in Brasile
Assistência automóvel no Brasil
Asistencia en carretera en Brasil

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