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UK Extended Warranties for Cars: Market Dynamics, Affinities and Partnerships

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UK Extended Warranties for Cars: Market Dynamics, Affinities and Partnerships is a report investigating the market for extended warranties for new and used cars in the UK. Key features include: an outline of market drivers and the value, growth and segmentation of the market from 2010 to 2014; quantification and commentary concerning the segmentation of policies in force by distribution channels used to buy them in 2014; estimates for underwriter market shares in 2014; a comprehensive listing of close to 40 affinity and partnership marketing relationships visible at the time of the research in 2015 for these types of policy; and forecasts for the value of the market up to 2018.

In this report, extended warranties for cars are defined throughout as any extensions to the manufacturer’s automatic factory warranty that are paid for separately by the customer but excluding 'free' extended warranties that are sometimes bundled with sales of used cars for a limited period of time and at no explicit additional cost to the customer. Moreover, the research only covers extended warranties for passenger cars acquired by individuals, including self-employed individuals. Extended warranties acquired by corporate buyers of passenger cars plus those for lorries, motorcycles, vans and other types of motorised vehicle are not included.

In keeping with 19 other studies in this series, research processes and sources used to create it include the following: primary interviews with leading brokers, underwriters and affinity / corporate partners active in this field; in-house data drawn from other Finaccord reports; and comprehensive analysis of secondary information from a diverse range of data sources including UK government departments and financial regulators, relevant lifestyle organisations and trade associations, specialist publications and published disclosures by competitors active in the market.

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