Affinity and Partnership Marketing in Personal Auto and Homeowners Insurance in the USA

Affinity and Partnership Marketing in Personal Auto and Homeowners Insurance in the USA represents the most detailed research available about this sector. Drawing on the results of a survey of 1,930 organizations, the report analyses the penetration, operating models and provider share of relationships of affinity and partnership marketing schemes for personal auto and homeowners insurance across a range of distributor categories as follows: 
  • not-for-profit affinity partners – alumni associations; automotive clubs; charities; labor unions; lifestyle organizations; professional associations; sports organizations; trade associations; and universities;
  • financial institutions - banks; credit unions; fraternal benefit societies; insurers (tied / multi-tied intermediaries); insurers (underwriters); online aggregators and brokers; and specialized lenders;
  • commercial partners - automotive associations; automotive manufacturers; coalition loyalty schemes and frequent flyer programs; internet, media and telecoms entities; real estate and property service firms; retailers; sharing economy entities; and utilities.
Moreover, the PartnerBASE™ database that accompanies the report provides the granular detail behind the analysis, detailing over 400 affinity and partnership marketing initiatives traced by Finaccord for the two product classes in scope.
In addition, the analysis identifies not only the providers of personal auto and homeowners insurance with the most partnerships (overall, and within each category) but also computes 'weighted provider shares of partnerships’. These highlight the providers that are likely to hold the most valuable relationships given both the size of their partners’ customer base and the importance of the categories to which their partners belong as a distribution channel for the two products.
In this report, personal auto insurance is defined as policies sold to consumers owning cars. As such, it excludes auto insurance for business customers (consideration of which is instead included in the sister report and database titled Affinity and Partnership Marketing in Commercial P&C Insurance in the USA) and niche vehicle-related insurance such as GAP and tire insurance. It also excludes insurance for mopeds, motorcycles, RVs and vans. However, it does include telematics-enabled and drive-away / temporary car insurance plus insurance for classic and sports cars.
Meanwhile, homeowners insurance is defined as policies sold to consumers for risks associated with their main residence protecting buildings and / or contents. As such, it excludes cover for buy-to-rent properties owned by landlords, which is categorized as commercial property insurance and is included in the sister report in this series about commercial lines referred to in the preceding paragraph. However, contents insurance specifically for students or other renters remains in scope for this study, most notably in the section about universities.
For further information about this research, please access the table of contents and report prospectus by clicking on the corresponding links to the left-hand side of this page, or e-mail [email protected]. Also, please view our press release comparing affinity insurance distribution in the UK and US.

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