Global Mobile Operators: Strategies in Insurance and Assistance

Global Mobile Operators: Strategies in Insurance and Assistance is a report and interactive PartnerBASE dataset that provides a detailed worldwide overview of the fast-growing involvement of mobile operator brands and groups in the fields of insurance and assistance. For 286 brands spread across 92 countries, it outlines their activity and strategic partnerships for the following insurance and assistance product and service categories:


  • insurance: mobile phone, mobile gadget, bill payment protection, identity protection, motor, household, travel, accident, health, life;

  • assistance: home, legal, medical, road. Across all 286 brands researched, at least one insurance or assistance policy was on offer from 159 (55.6%) of them and Finaccord identified 440 distinct product initiatives in total with providers including organisations such as ACE, AIG, Allianz Global Assistance, American Assist, Assurant, Asurion, AXA, Iké Asistencia, MAPFRE, Marsh, Tokio Marine & Nichido and Zurich.

The often vast number of customers of mobile operator brands, typically running into millions or tens of millions, makes them potentially attractive as affinity partners to insurance and assistance companies. Moreover, rapid growth in the worldwide market for mobile payments signifies that there are increasing opportunities to combine insurance and assistance policies with emerging payment products.

Key features of this research include:





  • an overview of strategic initiatives in insurance and assistance that are being driven by telecoms companies at a centralised group level as opposed to the national level;

  • coverage of the 14 insurance and assistance categories listed above plus other related propositions such as personal assistance, computer assistance, sport insurance and victim of crime insurance where these were found to be offered;

  • assessment of the degree to which 286 mobile operator brands distribute these types of insurance and assistance and how the provision rates vary across seven global regions;

  • identification of the many insurance providers and assistance firms used in this context by these mobile operator brands and analysis of the partnerships that offer most potential given each brands' number of customers;

  • availability of an accompanying interactive PartnerBASE database that details the 440 distinct product initiatives and that is fully customisable, searchable and filterable, enabling provision and distribution patterns to be explored across multiple brands, parent groups and geographical regions.

For further information about this research, please access the table of contents and series prospectus by clicking on the corresponding links above, or e-mail [email protected].

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