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Insurance is an industry where data and analytics are crucial to success, but finding, assessing and using the right data is all too often a challenge.
Finaccord cuts through this by providing high-quality, actionable data and insights that are available nowhere else.  We do this by combining our own analysis, knowledge from the Aon network and a huge range of external sources.  We bring the resulting insights to the industry through innovative data visualization tools, reports and consulting projects.  
Finaccord is part of Aon's Strategy and Technology Group.


David Parry

Head of Finaccord | MA (Cantab), PhD (Cantab)

David has over twenty years’ experience in financial services market analysis. He joined Finaccord in 2008 and directs its team of consultants and researchers, with overall responsibility for its portfolio of reports and market models. He has helped to develop many of its proprietary methodologies that size and segment markets ranging from niche personal lines such as bicycle insurance to major commercial lines such as professional indemnity insurance. He also manages consulting projects undertaken by Finaccord that provide data and insight tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. He held a research fellowship in modern French history at Hertford College, Oxford before he began his career in business intelligence, and can be contacted at  [email protected].

Francisco Leitão

Manager | BA (Porto), MA (UCL)

Francisco joined Finaccord in 2015 and has since developed a number of innovative new research products. Having worked on Market³ since its inception, Francisco possesses extensive and detailed knowledge of commercial lines insurance worldwide. He has worked on multiple other projects across much of Finaccord’s broad offering and encompassing several markets and geographies. Francisco speaks English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish fluently and can be contacted at [email protected]


David Bowles

Manager | BA (York), MA (SOAS), DPhil (Oxon)

David is responsible for Finaccord's international research into travel insurance worldwide, international health insurance and other services related to global mobility. In addition to having authored numerous reports on these subjects, he has also been involved in a variety of related consulting assignments. Furthermore, having worked and studied in China for a number of years, he speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese. He can be contacted at [email protected]


Emiliya Belcheva

Consultant | LLB (Cologne), LLM (Birkbeck, UOL)

Emiliya has worked on a number of studies since joining Finaccord in July 2018. Her projects include aggregation metrics, D&O insurance, professional indemnity insurance, travel insurance and assistance, and worksite metrics. She has also been involved in several consulting assignments. Prior to joining Finaccord, Emiliya worked in the legal sector. Emiliya speaks English, German and Bulgarian fluently and can be contacted at [email protected].

Enzo Guzzi

Consultant | BA (Magna Graecia University), MA (Magna Graecia University)

Having worked and studied in Italy for a number of years, Enzo has completed a variety of engagements on diverse subjects including commercial non-life Insurance (size, segmentation and forecast), consumer automotive financial services, extended warranties and insurance linked to mobile and non-mobile consumer products, home emergency insurance and assistance, insurance and assistance linked to banking products, mobile phone insurance and extended warranties and surety bonds. He has also been engaged in a variety of related consulting projects. He can be contacted at  [email protected].

Grace Cuddihy

Consultant | BA (Trinity College Dublin), MA (UCL)

Grace joined Finaccord in 2021, after working as a research analyst in the banking and payments sector. She moved to London in 2018 after working in Moscow for six years as a journalist and translator. Since joining Finaccord, Grace has been working on projects related to personal lines, with a particular focus on digital insurance. She can be contacted at [email protected].

Huub Nieuwstadt

Consultant | LLM (Leiden), MA (KCL)

Huub joined in November 2020, having previously worked in the property development sector. Prior to moving to London in 2012, he was a lawyer in the Netherlands. At Finaccord Huub has worked on a series of reports about the distribution of commercial non-life insurance. Huub speaks Dutch and English fluently and can be contacted at [email protected].

Press Releases

10 April 2024 -

  • Automobile manufacturers in Asia are more likely to provide insurance products than car dealerships
  • There is an opportunity for both manufacturers and non-tied providers to establish partnerships with car dealers throughout the region
  • Extended warranty is the leading opportunity for distribution through car dealerships

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26 July 2023 -

  • About 40 million people in Europe have an account with a neo-bank
  • So far, these banks offer fewer insurance products than established banks, although partnerships are developing
  • Creditor insurance is the leading opportunity for distribution through neo-banks

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15 December 2022 -

  • Both travel and travel insurance markets have seen drastic changes since Finaccord’s last survey on this topic in 2017
  • More than half of travel insurance and assistance claims made in the past two years were related to the pandemic
  • Consumers are willing to pay more in future for pandemic cover

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