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Finaccord has developed data visualization dashboards to provide re/insurance professionals the tools to better understand their markets. By combining regulatory data, primary research and proprietary data modelling, we have created data products spanning topics such as re/insurance market size,profitability and distribution

Finaccord's proprietary market size and segmentation model for commercial (P&C) insurance
An interactive data tool that allows users to instantly size and segment insurance markets across the three dimensions of insurance product, insured customer industry and size
Insurance Insight Platform
Our Insurance Insight Platform provides an overview of market size, profitability and distribution data for non-life (P&C) products in selected markets
An interactive data tool that generates country-specific and product-specific reports which provide a deeper understanding of non-life insurance markets in European countries in a single place.
Catastrophe Insight Database
This data tool gives information on catastrophe events by their type and geography, so that users can understand long-term trends in catastrophe and the economic losses that they cause.
This database lists 30,000 catastrophe events around the world over the past 200 years, mapped against their economic and insured loss, and against direct and reinsurance property premiums
Global Reinsurance Market Data
Finaccord’s market analysis tool for ceded reinsurance provides data on premiums, loss ratios and cession rates across four regions, segmented by line of business.
This interactive tool can be accessed online through Finaccord’s website.


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