What is Market3?

Market3 is a model developed by Finaccord that segments the commercial non-life (P&C) market globally in three dimensions: by insurance product, customer industry and customer size. This produces a ‘cube’ from which data can be extracted interactively to produce graphics and tables instantly.

It can be used to make international comparisons, to assess trends over time, to identify growth opportunities and to support business plans with numbers.

The underlying dataset contains over a quarter of a million cells that enable users to extract estimated gross written premiums in multiple ways. For example, it can show the value of insurance bought by the construction sector in Spain, by corporate customers in Brazil, for trade credit insurance in Japan, or for cross-tabulations along all three dimensions of the cube at the same time.

For more information, please contact David or Francisco:

David Parry
Head of Finaccord
[email protected]
Francisco Leitão
[email protected]


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